Main Lobby

Episode 1

Our Toyota journey is like no other. We challenge what’s possible — driving toward an ever-better future — while honoring our heritage and respecting those who have come before us. Inspired to innovate and continuously improve for future generations to come.

Main Lobby

Welcome to Toyota North America’s headquarters — the home of Team Toyota.

This is Behind the Design, a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

Our journey is a story like no other. But, like every good story, it starts with a spectacular opening — so, let’s look up, shall we?

Directly above you is what architects call an oculus, a circular opening or bull’s eye — this architectural design dates all the way back to ancient Rome and was believed to symbolize the pathway or union between earth and sky.

For us? The clear view is a symbol of the transparency we have with our team members — and also a window into our world of endless possibilities — it’s a glimpse at the limitless potential we have when we Challenge What’s Possible — together.

You’re in the Main Lobby. The gateway into Toyota’s bold and innovative future — where space, culture, and technology inspire and strengthen our innovative spirit.

That amazing view behind our front desk? Is our beautiful and sustainable centralized Courtyard — the largest of four within our grounds. As you navigate our LEED Platinum certified 100-acres — the highest rating given by the U.S. Green Building Council — you’ll find we took thoughtful care to incorporate design elements into every area that honor our rich history — and that reflect the unique Texas landscape where we now reside. Each distinctly different region of this great state is represented geographically across campus.

Let’s look toward the courtyard past the front desk and start with the buildings on your left.

As you explore the Western part of campus, the fiery reds and yellows of the West Texas color palette brighten the interiors. To your right, our east buildings feature the lush green hues of the East Texas piney woods throughout each floor. And, diving into the southern parts of campus, you’ll find splashes of green and blue in carpets and wall colorings that remind us of the coastal warm Gulf waters of Texas.

Inside our Main Lobby — on the far-right wall from the front desk, we proudly — and prominently — display The Story of Toyota. This elegant glass wall captures the beginnings of Toyota — paying tribute to our heritage — a symbol of the great respect we have for the people whose innovative spirits first gave life to the Toyota Way — and for those who helped pave the path through continuous improvement, leading us down the road to success for many years to come.

Our headquarters was designed not only to house the approximate 4,000 team members located in Plano — but also to reflect the spirit and support the work of our thousands of team members across the U.S., Canada and Mexico — from research and design — manufacturing — sales and marketing — to financing — we’re designing ever-better vehicles— in Akio Toyoda’s words — “that make people smile.”

And, some of those vehicles are displayed right here in our Main Lobby. From pioneering models to the future of mobility, we will always showcase a rotation of our products to help tell the story of Toyota.

And, as a matter of fact, we want you to be a part of our story, too.

So, look to the far-left of the front desk, near the Conference Center doors.

Although it looks like a regular table — it’s actually a digital guest book where friends of Toyota can leave their virtual mark by tapping on the lower left fingerprint of the screen. Use your finger to sign your name — and, hit submit!

And, just like that, your name appears on the virtual vehicle within the table — and, you’ve officially become a part of Toyota’s journey.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this moment Behind the Design. Discover more Behind the Design episodes, as you explore Toyota’s campus.

Conference Center

Episode 2

Collaborating across boundaries is more than just working between departments. It means working with and supporting the communities in which we live and serve.

Conference Center

Our decisions are grounded in the Toyota Way. From our inception, one of our basic principles has been to give back — to do the right thing by our customers, our team members and our communities — so that long-term, we can contribute to a greater and ever-better society.

How do we do that? By being respectful and responsible members of our local communities in which we live and serve.

For us, it’s not so much about why we do what we do but who are we doing it for… And, our Conference Center? Is for our community.

This is Behind the Design, a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

Go ahead —  let’s take a look around. This dedicated shared space is how we roll out the proverbial red carpet for our friends and neighbors.

Thoughtful and sophisticated architectural features throughout the entire space help create a comfortable, yet elevated, feeling for our guests. Modern lighting fixtures, textured walls and beautiful leather seating welcome everyone as they come in. And, advanced audio and visual technology throughout the Conference Center provides our guests with a variety of functional options to meet their every need — showcasing the very best quality for their very best experience.

With flexible options like phone rooms, technology, smaller settings for more intimate groups and seating for up to 250, our Conference Center can easily accommodate every need.

Now, during regular day-to-day business, the Conference Center serves as an additional gathering place for Toyota team member activities. But, rooms are available for our friends and neighbors through reservations.

Whether it’s local businesses holding a roundtable discussion — or leadership councils gathering for a workshop — all that’s needed is one Toyota team member to sponsor the request to make a reservation. It’s that simple. Team members can dial 2-1-0-0-0 for more details on how to secure a room for guests.

Along the southern corridor, you’ll notice a campus installation feature.

This carefully structured wall of yarn is a nod to our beginnings as an automatic loom company. Sakichi Toyoda was an ambitious and innovative thinker who believed in contributing to society, as well as continuous improvement — his first of many inventions was the Toyoda Wooden Hand Loom — first inspired by seeing his own mother struggle to weave by hand.

The wall encourages us to remember where the road began and to always look ahead toward an innovative future and a world of unlimited mobility for all.

Thanks for weaving in some time to look Behind the Design. Discover more Behind the Design episodes, as you explore other areas of campus.

West Lobby

Episode 3

Together, we challenge what’s possible. Our headquarters brings Toyota Motor North America and Toyota Financial Services onto one campus, helping to create a One Toyota mindset, bringing us closer to our customers and helping us make more nimble decisions to better meet our customers’ needs.

West Lobby

One Team — Team Toyota.

You know, in the vast 2.1 million square feet making up Toyota’s headquarters, believe it or not, there isn’t another place on campus that better defines that phrase then the West Lobby.

And, we’ll tell you why.

This is Behind the Design, a self—guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

Our headquarters is about the many different functions of Toyota working together — and that includes solid partners who grow together with us for the long-term. From concept and design —manufacturing —  through marketing, sales and building customer loyalty during the financing process — our single purpose — is to create ever-better vehicles, delivering ever-better experiences for our customers — and for our team members.

You’re in the West Lobby, the connecting lobby of W2 and W3, the home of Toyota Financial Services or T.F.S. — a leading provider of automotive financial services for Toyota customers and dealers in the U.S.

Their presence on campus is significant and symbolizes their commitment to be the Partner of Choice for TMNA.

As you soak up our very spacious West Lobby, I bet you’re wondering about the two incredible structures on either side of you.

Well, both W2 and W3 each measure nearly 400 feet in length – let’s put that into perspective here, okay?

You could either fit an entire regulation football field inside each building, or you could drop in two full-scale replicas of the White House side by side and still have room for a few vehicle displays.

And, speaking of vehicles, have you seen both walls of concept sketches in the lobby? Pretty inspiring, huh?

At each of the W2 and W3 building entrances, you’ll find our vehicle concept sketches that tell the story of our heritage – a heritage created from a long line of talented designers and dreamers who have never ceased to Challenge What’s Possible. You’ll also see incredibly imaginative and innovative children’s sketches.

Now, these sketches remind us to dream big and to remember that the possibilities are endless when we allow our innovative spirit to take the wheel — demonstrating the Toyota Way — just as our team members have done for generations.

Just think about it.

It wasn’t all that long ago when the spark of innovation resulted in a little creation that kind of changed the world — our hybrid — the Toyota Prius.

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Fitness Center

Episode 4

Get energized, stay healthy and create a better balance for your wellbeing — and, do it all whenever it works best for you. Enjoy our state-of-the-art facility with exercise activities for every fitness level — plus, fitness professionals who care about you and your wellbeing.

Fitness Center

This is Behind the Design, a self—guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

Over two stories tall with varying paths of increased difficulty – reach new heights and conquer the climbing wall!

Who are we kidding here?

Let’s get physical, physical – grab a smoothie at the Prickly Pear – ooh, yeah, they’re really good

Wow. Are you seeing what I’m seeing!?! Nearly 20,000 square feet of space – all dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Amazing. And, that climbing wall – uh… epic!

When we make a commitment to provide flexible options to help our team members refresh and recharge, we don’t mess around. And, the best part? There’s something for everyone, no matter your fitness level.

Doors open at 5:30 a.m. and stay open until 7:30 at night Monday through Friday. Giving you flexibility to choose the best time to get your workout groove on. Oh, and, it’s all about choice.

Every month a calendar of classes is posted online offering a variety of options and time frames to choose from  — whether you wanna work out with a group or if you wanna fly solo.

Classes not your thing? We got this. Check it.

Over 50 top-of-the-line cardio machines all equipped with TV and internet – yeah, and nearly 40 pieces of the latest high-end strength training equipment — hundreds of free weights to flex.

We even have spin classes for those biking road warriors out there. Plus, let’s not forget about that giant two-story climbing wall – that’s right – thirty-two and a half feet – that’s like scaling your two-story house! But, don’t worry – the wall has different paths for different skill levels – just in case you’re not feelin’ like a daredevil that day. But, ya gotta try it at least once though.

And, when you’re done with your work out, you can cool down and get refreshed in our state-of-the-art locker rooms that include towel service. Oh, and did I not tell you — uh, the fitness center is FREE. That’s right. FREE for all Toyota team members –  no matter your location. And, you have the option to purchase additional services like massage therapy and personal training sessions, too. Pretty awesome.

Get the low down at the front desk. They can hook you up and get you up to speed on all the latest offerings.

The message here is that Toyota cares about you and your wellbeing. And, in our new environment where we’re thinking and working differently, it is so important that we’re also balancing life.

Performing at your very best only happens when you bring your whole self to work. So, we encourage you to create some “me” time. I mean, just having the option to use this amazing space should be reason enough to try it out. And, we really hope you do.

Wanna know my favorite part?

Well, that would be the Prickly Pear Juicing Company, located right outside the Fitness Center on level zero. Cus’ who doesn’t need a fresh acai bowl that tastes just like ice cream but is good for you? They’re so good. They have flavor-packed, all-natural smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices to help you re-energize and help to keep you focused. Plus, pacifying the sweet-tooth cravings? It’s a bonus.

Okay, looks like spin class might be starting soon. Gotta put my smoothie down. See you in class!

Thanks for working out Behind the Design. Check out more Behind the Design as you explore campus.

Lone Star Commons

Episode 5

Chef-inspired offerings and variety to satisfy every palate. Available when you’re available — focused on your well-being.

Lone Star Commons

PERSON 1: Oh, yeah. You smell that?

PERSON 2: Yeah, somethin’ smells good.

PERSON 1: I’m willing to bet it’s coming from any one of our 12 dining destinations across campus. Come on — let’s check it out.

This is Behind the Design, a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

PERSON 1: Okay, first stop? Want some Starbucks?

PERSON 2: Sure, let me go get the car.

PERSON 1: Wait. Where you going? We don’t have to leave campus! We have five spots serving up Starbucks coffee right here!

PERSON 2: Yeah, right, and they have fresh pastries, too.

PERSON 1: Uh, yeah, they do – at all five locations – as a matter of fact, just yesterday, I met up with Cathy and Eric to go over that new project, and I had the BEST cheese Danish with my Starbucks over at the Big Bend Café. Oh, and have you tried the Piney Woods Café? Amazing cookies – plus, you can sit overlooking the central Courtyard or the North Courtyard. It’s gorgeous.

PERSON 2: Wow. Where have I been?

PERSON 1: Yeah, where have you been?

PERSON 2: Well, for your information, I’ve been hanging out at the Sagebrush Café. They’re over by the Knowledge Center on the East Concourse. Did you know they make all their sandwich meats from scratch and pickle their own carrots… and pickles! Hand-pickled pickles! And, they’re good, too. Spicy!

PERSON 1: Hey, kudos to you. I’ve been too busy checking out the hundreds of options in the Lone Star Commons. Every week, I look up the menu on the Bite App and try something different. They have breakfast bars, carving stations, hand-rolled sushi, a burger grill…

PERSON 2: Back up – what’s a Bite App?

PERSON 1: Awww, don’t tell me you haven’t downloaded the Bite App either???

PERSON 2: Hey, I knew about the pastrami.

PERSON 1: Okay, so, download the Bite App by Sodexo – it’s on Apple and Google Play. Type in your location or search for Toyota and bingo! They have so many options listed, and they change them up all the time, too. They even list the hours of operation for all the food areas. Makes it super easy to figure out what you want when you want it. You know what else? I saw on the One Toyota Move Ahead site that all the menu items were really focused on our wellbeing. I think that’s pretty cool. They want us to take care of our ourselves; so, they made sure we had plenty of choices. I’m even digging all the vegetarian and vegan offerings. Me!?! The queen of bacon!

PERSON 2: Yeah, I even noticed the grab and go meals at the Bluebonnet and Wildflower markets are always fresh and have tons of variety — and, they’re even open 24/7! So if I miss lunch or have to work a later shift, I don’t have to take off to find something to eat! It’s awesome. And, even the pre-packed meals are pretty healthy — and, tasty, too. Knowing I can grab a quick bite to re-energize is definitely a plus.

Hey, remember I told you about the sandwich meats made in-house. Get this. It takes them 6 days to brine their pastrami and then smoke it — talk about hand-crafted — that’s some love right there.

PERSON 1: Right! Seriously — okay, all this talk about food is making me hungry!

PERSON 2: Starving. Yeah, let’s go eat!

PERSON 1: Thanks for pulling up a chair to talk Behind the Design. Check out more Behind the Design episodes as you discover more areas across HQ.


Episode 6

Every aspect of our new work environment is designed with you in mind — offering choice, flexibility and convenience — giving you total control over your work day.


PERSON 1 CONSCIENCE: Dude.. Dude… This is your brain. Hello? Can you hear me? Dude!

PERSON 1: What!?! I’m trying to work, brain.

PERSON 1 CONSCIENCE: Yeah, um, did you mail the package you put in the back of the car this morning?

Oooo, don’t forget to drop of the dry cleaning before the end of the day and uh, pick up your prescription.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot – you invited Dave over later — and the fridge is empty. Just sayin’.

PERSON 2: Normally, this sort of mid-day thought stream might start to cause some stress. But, last-minute or even simple, every day errands are now easier than ever.

You’re in the West Concourse loop on the lower level – exploring a very special section of our headquarters.

This is Behind the Design, a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

One of Toyota’s tenets is respect for people, and we value the balance of life, mind and body — and understands that sometimes we all could use a little help when trying to find that balance.

So, we designed this entire area to help offer up some flexibility for your day-to-day — by providing choice and convenience — for all team members.

At the southernmost corner of the corridor is our convenience store. Just like the name implies, it’s a convenient option for when you’re short on time or just don’t wanna stop on the way home.

Our provider, Wal-Mart, has set up a mini-version of their store, including a pharmacy — both are open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5:30. So, it’s easy to pop in during the day and pick up what you need, including your prescription.

Not feeling so hot? We even have the Be Well Clinic, a doctor’s office exclusive for Toyota team members, located right next to the pharmacy. It’s open from 8:30 to 5 Monday through Friday, and they take walk-ins and appointments.

And, that package you forgot to mail? No problem. Our hospitality or concierge center can take care of that for you — that’s right. Concierge.

Right behind the Big Bend Cafe, is a small area where we offer a number of convenient services like personal mail delivery. Just bring that package over and they’ll get it handled.

Other services include dry cleaning, shoe shining, and even a take-home dinner service for those times when you’re just too tired to cook. Plus, an apparel store so you can show off your Toyota spirit with some Toyota gear.

Forgot to take out money? No worries. Use either the UNIFY Financial ATM here or the Union ATM in W4.

Want some free financial planning advice? Our providers at UNIFY Financial Credit Union are conveniently located next to the Big Bend Café and are open from 9 to 5 during the workweek. Free online banking, free checking and no-fee ATM use are just a few perks they offer as a customer.

You deserve balance. And, we care about your life and your wellbeing. So, now, we now dare you to do things differently. The choice is yours.

PERSON 1: Take that, brain. I got it all done, finished my project and even picked up dinner on my way out the door.

PERSON 1 CONSCIENCE: You locked your keys in your car.

PERSON 1: Ha! I watched the Safety Video – Dial 2—2-2—-2-2!

PERSON 2: Thanks for heading inside Behind the Design. Hear more Behind the Design episodes as you explore other areas of campus.

The Courtyard

Episode 7

The most visible and quite possibly the most impressive feature. Transparent. A wide-open, Texas-inspired space. Peaceful water features. Our central connection. You choose where and how to work.

The Courtyard

At the heart of Toyota is our incredible Toyota spirit — and, we help breathe life into that spirit by daring to challenge what’s possible and by becoming the best we can be — able and grateful to support and contribute to an ever-better society — and, that includes an ever-better environment.

This is Behind the Design, a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

At the heart of our North America headquarters is a living, breathing example of just how we’re doing our best.

A wi-fi enabled, Texas-sized space where team members can draw inspiration and re-energize — a peaceful respite — or a gathering place to collaborate, our main Courtyard —  one of four — is our central connection.

The beautiful environment you’re in is an extension of the Texas native landscape — a tip of the hat to our new home. And, while our surroundings create incredible views and a great backdrop to a quiet afternoon working outside, each and every element serves a purpose.

We’re doing our best to reduce our footprint and help educate our team members about sustainable practices — so together, we can all contribute to a better environment.

And, in doing that, we have achieved the highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating from the U.S. Green Building Council — a LEED Platinum certification — solidifying our place as a leader in sustainable development.

To achieve this rating, we went through a rigorous process based on earning points in nine basic areas focused on human and environmental health. Some of which are materials and resources, water efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

Aligned with our philosophy of eliminating waste or muda, early on, we set the bar high and created our own goal of recycling over 75% of construction and demolition waste — we are proud to share we surpassed that goal and recycled over 90% of waste during the construction process.

Our talented design teams brilliantly addressed and incorporated sustainable elements into every facet of our campus, embracing the Toyota Way — thinking long-term and understanding the great responsibility we have to add value to society and to our customers through our practices.

As you walk through the Courtyard along our Texas creek and the spring that symbolizes our beginnings, you’re surrounded by drought tolerant Texas-native vegetation, like savannah, oaklands and wild flowers. Using this plant life helps avoid the expenses and environmental impact of mowing, using chemicals, fertilizers, or even artificial irrigation.

Instead, we use water-efficient cisterns that capture and hold up to 400,000 gallons of rain water. We have the capacity to hold a three-month water supply for all our landscaping needs.

We also took great care to respect the natural ecosystems surrounding our new home by preserving wetlands on the northeast corner of our campus — and, by providing natural habitats within our stunning Courtyards for endangered pollinators, including monarch butterflies. These majestic creatures fly through Texas during their last 300-mile stretch as they migrate to Mexico every fall and spring.

Some of the trees you see in our Courtyard are part of the 1,300 new trees and saplings planted across our grounds. In addition, we saved over 80 heritage trees, one being a 100-year old oak, offering them a new home to flourish across campus.

These exceptional environmental practices help magnify our Toyota spirit —  bringing awareness to the importance of caring for one another by contributing to the betterment of our communities and our planet.

Thanks for taking a walk Behind the Design. Hear more Behind the Design episodes as you explore other areas of campus.


Episode 8

Every high-tech feature aligned with your space and with your purpose in mind. Wi-Fi accessible across campus. Presentation and markup technology in every collaboration hub and open team space.


Our headquarters is a space where technology and culture come together to enable and encourage team members to innovate, connect and collaborate — together.

You’re near one of our six pIT Stops located throughout campus. With so much bold, new technology in our bold, new environment, we want to make sure you have resources to help navigate the equipment and its uses.

Staffed by our technology experts — pIT Stop team members are ready, willing and able to answer questions and help walk through any I.T. issues. You can either walk-up or call them.

Just use our online directory to find their contact info.

One of the coolest things about campus is our Wi-Fi. From the parking garage to the courtyards, we have you covered. Toyota devices easily connect to the ‘Toyota Office’ network. And, no crazy passwords to remember either.

So, hold your meeting outside — take in the fresh air while conferencing in. You have a choice now — work how and where you want. No questions asked.

Still need a space for your meeting? No problem.

The vast majority of our conference rooms are equipped with touch screens, room-integrated audio and video conferencing capabilities and markup tools, like walls you can write on — helping our teams work together more effectively. Our multimedia rooms are world-class. And, even some of the smaller hubs and team spaces are equipped with presentation and collaboration technology.

If there are speakers and a monitor? You can connect.

Team members, customers, vendors — no matter their location in the world, we have real-time connectivity and can digitally update or edit documents remotely while on different devices.

Our advanced and innovative technology, together with a variety of spaces and a mindset focused on The Toyota Way enables us to connect and collaborate in bold, new ways — helping us to challenge what’s possible.

Want a new gadget? Get technology supplies from vending machines or gadget stations across campus. Check with your department to find out how to make purchases.

Even booking rooms is easier with our technology. Take a look around for a second.

You should be able to see one or two conference or team rooms that have scheduling tablets located outside of the door. If the tablet screen is red, that room is reserved for the time being. And, if it’s green, it’s open for use.

Someone forget to cancel the room? There’s a tech-y answer for that, too. After 15 minutes of no activity in the booked room, Outlook will release the room. Pretty cool, right?

And, although we’re stationed on 2.1 million square feet of space, never worry about being lost — because we have interactive wayfinding stations all over campus.

What’s a wayfinding station? Well, an example would be the huge touch-screens right outside every elevator corridor — they help you find your way around, check the weather or look up building directories!

And, let’s not forget about the 300 digital signs throughout campus displaying helpful information, including announcements and safety alerts. They’re a great way to keep up to speed on what’s happening on campus.

At Toyota, it’s in our DNA to continuously improve — so, we are constantly researching and testing new science and technology. Together, we are creating innovative, new ways to build even better work environments that help generate even more collaborative ideas focused on the future of limitless mobility for all —  driving us forward, into the next 50 years of success and beyond.

This has been Behind the Design a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently. Find more episodes in other areas across campus.

Knowledge Center

Episode 9

Growth and development are key to the success of our next 50 years and beyond. Our Knowledge Center combines all education and training needs for all One Toyota team members.

Knowledge Center

At Toyota, we’re a learning organization — we believe in continuous improvement and continuous learning — growing our people’s capabilities through quality education, training and development programs for every team member. For that reason, we’ve designed a first-class, flexible learning atmosphere where technology, curriculum and the Toyota Way come together with the Toyota spirit to help enrich our minds — to help cultivate a space where team members can dream and do. You’re in the Knowledge Center — welcome to class.

This is Behind the Design, a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

Developing exceptional people and teams is a basic principle at Toyota. And, our Knowledge Center helps bring that principle to life by providing a collection of 10 different classrooms with options to seat up to 150 individuals — plus, six breakout rooms. This space helps enable us to ensure our team members and leaders thoroughly understand and live the Toyota Way — fostering our culture that helps support the work we do.

As you walk through the lobby of the Knowledge Center, the first thing you’ll notice is a hanging chandelier of automotive parts.

Each piece hangs separately, but together, the collective parts cast a shadow of the word, “DRIVE” — a reminder that by each team member working together with a One Toyota mindset, we can drive forward into a successful future of limitless mobility.

This section of campus was created to reflect the textures and colors of our automotive industry. The look and feel of our vehicles can be seen in the cloth and leather furniture, sleek design and even the layout — you have the freedom of mobility, plus flexible options to meet your needs — just like our customers have with our vehicles.

Let’s head into the main part of the Knowledge Center towards the southeast corner, behind the lobby.

The innovative wave structure of the wide hallways gives larger classes better pathways to navigate, avoiding tight squeezes and sharp turns as they exit workshops or class courses. The extra space can also be used for attention grabbing signs or graphics providing direction for the various class groups.

In the center of the hallway are catering counters for classroom catering needs. All rooms in the Knowledge Center can be reserved. And, once reserved, can include catering options. Simply place your order ahead of time through CaterTrax online.

It is important to note that our Knowledge Center’s primary purpose is to help grow our people’s capabilities. The rooms are available for all team members, and training and development teams will receive first-priority for reservations. Reserve rooms by dialing 2-1-0-0-0 and speaking with a reservationist.

Our Knowledge Center is supported with cutting edge audio and visual technologies built into each classroom, as well as writeable walls and breakout rooms — providing a number of options for classroom presenters and attendees.

And, for everyone’s convenience, phone rooms are available nearby — restrooms are adjacent to the classrooms —  and the Knowledge Center opens up into the East Concourse near the Sagebrush Café for anything you might need in-between classes.

We hope this Behind the Design episode was an educational experience. Listen to more Behind the Design as you walk the halls of campus. Class dismissed.

The Terrace

Episode 10

We dared to dream. And, now we are turning dreaming into doing. Looking toward an ever-better future, we are challenging the status quo with innovative and bold new ways of thinking and working — together.

The Terrace

One vision. One future. One team. Thinking and working in bold, new ways.

2.1 million square feet brought to life by the power of our Toyota spirit.

This is Behind the Design, a self-guided tour and inside look at our unique, work environment — and, how our history and culture can be found in every aspect of our campus design — inspiring us to think and work differently.

We dared to challenge what’s possible. We dared to dream.

And, over 5 million-man hours later — with thousands of team members from cities across North America coming together with a One Toyota mindset, we have transformed dreaming into doing — you are overlooking our Toyota North America Headquarters — where space, culture and technology help enable our team members to embrace bold, new ways of working — positioning ourselves for the next 50 years of success.

Our Terrace is the bridge structure between E1 and W1 and located directly above our Main Lobby. A peaceful gardenscape and limestone seating — offering the full view of campus and our surrounding community — make this a popular byway for team members.

From your spectacular view here on the Terrace, facing our LEED platinum certified campus — the highest rating given by the U.S. Green Building Council for design and construction — you can see the future of Toyota.

From this vantage point, it’s easy to spot the 1,200 tons of Texas-native limestone at the bottom of our buildings, representing our heritage and foundation —  as well as the innovative high-tech glass pouring natural light into all our structures — a symbol of our future and the open transparency we have with our team members. 12 acres of the same glass used in our Toyota vehicles was used in the construction of our buildings. And, looking up, directly above you, that wide open space is a symbol of our limitless potential — the oculus.

In every aspect of the building and construction of our campus, we strived to demonstrate tenets of The Toyota Way, like Respect for People, by creating a work environment that helps to bring balance to life, body and mind for every team member.

Looking out over the courtyard and to your left, our West Concourse focuses on helping provide better life balance through convenience, flexibility and choice. Toward the center of campus is our focus on health and wellbeing for the body — and in the East Concourse to your right, near our large gathering space, the Sequoia Pavilion, is our Knowledge Center, a space focused on the mind — helping us to develop stronger teams — leaders and team members — who live our philosophies.

We also wanted to create a space that would help educate team members to make ever-better choices for an ever-better world — by incorporating sustainable practices into our day to day — like reduced carbon emissions through the use of our solar power system that powers up to 33% of our own daily electricity — centralized waste bins with recycling and composting options — innovative water conservation systems that irrigate our native-Texas landscapes — and much more.

Our new home was designed to inspire, motivate and encourage our team members to design their own days — to cultivate an environment where team members live The Toyota Way and work together to continuously improve and move toward a future of limitless mobility for all.

Together on one campus, we’re enabled to quickly collaborate — to be more nimble and better able to respond to the needs of our customers and to the fast-paced movement of our industry — making us even more competitive. We are able to realize our best and full potential —  enriching the communities where we live and serve and ultimately achieving our greatest purpose —  to contribute to an ever-better society.

We are helping create a world of endless possibilities — together. And, this is just the beginning.

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